The Gepp total concept

Gepp Hondenpoep

“Communities want to reinvent the wheel too often when it comes to the dog excrement problem” is the most important outcome of the report ‘communal dog problem within the Netherlands”. Gepp products & advice have made in the recent years in several communities good results.

Also through our experience and the results in “rural research of the communal dog problem”, we developed a “total concept” in which we, in association with clients (communities and recreational entrepreneurs) and our partners take responsibility to deal in a structural path with the problem of dog excrements.

We can say that success will be guaranteed!

Gepp Hondenpoep

What does the total concept consist of?

The concept contains all possible problems and situations which may appear if you as community/recreational entrepreneur think about solving the problem through the pollution of dog excrements. Questions which often occur are:
  • Diverse political Questions in this field (through the pollution of dogs as well as others)
  • Different products related to dog excrements (combinations)
  • Where do the products have to be placed? How to involve the population?
  • How to convince the population?
  • How to deal with the correct communication and information?
  • How to reach a continuity of this matter? (it is impossible to change a mentality within one year!)
  • Methods to analyse (first analysis, analysis of facts, etc.)
  • How to cope best with the dog problem?

In short: The Gepp total concept is truly mostly universal but will be adjusted in each individual case to the individual purchaser of the products.

The Gepp Network

Gepp products & advice does not only consist of the persons involved in the company directly. A broad network with different people and authorities, which are all specialists in their area to decrease the pollution of dog excrements, has been established in the last years.

Vooral dankzij het breed scala aan contacten bezit Gepp Hondentoilet & Advies over veel expertise. In samenwerking met deze relaties zal in de toekomst verder gewerkt worden aan het product Gepp Hondentoilet én aan het totaalconcept. Combinaties van voorzieningen zullen tegen het licht gehouden worden. Zowel het product als het Gepp Totaalplan wordt verder geoptimaliseerd.

Hondenpoep: Opgeruimd is netjes! Toch?