Gepp products & advice all-round specialists on dog excrements

After the development of the Gepp-System, our company has been further developed and it can be now said that we are “all-round specialists” within the matter of dog excrements.
Together with our partners, we have developed and executed a vast number of projects. Gepp products & advice commissioned 2006 a research to “Perception Consultancy” to find out how Dutch communities deal with the problems with dogs in general and how they try to cope with it in specific. One of the most important outcomes of this research has been that the communities still too often try to reinvent the wheel and this also malfunctions. Furthermore does the “countries biggest nuisance” receive too little interest. After this report, a symposium has been organised in 2007 with the topic “Prudence for dogs in the Netherlands”.

Association with our partners

Gepp products & advice works on basis of projects together with a vast number of communication companies, multimedia & design companies and IT companies. Furthermore, it has been worked together recently with the Van Hall-Larenstein, the university of Utrecht and the Perception Consultancy. The technical side of the company also works together with partners. We work together with different suppliers (i.e. shovels, bags, etc.) and we also work together with the Dijkstra Groep together, which installs our systems in Groningen.

What do we want to achieve?

Our goal is together with our clients, to fit “our form” with an appropriate method, that success, through a huge decrease of the dog excrements, can be guaranteed. Our effort is also concerned towards the dog owners. We want to change the “Not-cleaning-up-mentality” into the “Yes, we clean up mentality”, to achieve that the dog owners clean up as a matter of course. Our actions are therefore the first step.

The Gepp Network

Gepp products & advice does not only consist of the persons involved in the company directly. A broad network with different people and authorities, which are all specialists in their area to decrease the pollution of dog excrements, has been established in the last years.

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